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Genuine Boerewors made using traditional recipies with imported spices from South Africa and we use only Premium quality beef, lamb and pork cuts with natural casings, to produce a well balanced juicy Boerewors. FRESH MEAT for UK Delivery Only

Boerewors is popular in South African cuisine and the South African version of a sausage. Boerewors is based on an older traditional Dutch sausage called the verse worst, though it differs somewhat in its ingredients.

You get a wide variety of Boerewors recipes and we have chosen the best and most loved flavours out there . Our boerewors is made the traditional way and formed into a continuous spiral, as illustrated in the image.

Boerewors is best served with pap (traditional South African porridge made from mielie-meal) and prepared on customary "BRAAI".

DELIVERY: Please note that fresh meats and Boerewors can only be ordered for UK delivery.

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